Solar monitoring & SCADA

Lapomik Energy provides turnkey solutions for remote site management. our hardware and software solutions provide accurate remote monitoring and real-time error detection which means less downtime and maximum power production. Our solution helps industry professionals and plant owners maximize ROI and protect their investments.

Authorized Distributor for Inaccess SCADA Solutions in Africa

Unity SCADA Platform

The Unity SCADA platform supports the collection, storage, visualization and post-processing of the whole history of a large variety of types of information for each node of the hierarchical model. Meaningful results are displayed and recorded at daily, monthly and yearly levels.

Real-time monitored data

Raw, real-time data

Analytics & Reporting

Scalable & highly available IT architecture

Web-based, accessible from anywhere, anytime

Cyber Security & Safety

Unity SCADA User Portal

With access from anywhere, anytime, the user receives notifications via SMS or email on the occurrence of critical events.

Supported services through user portal




Report generation and delivery

Mobile Web client application

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