METKA West Africa Limited

Energizing Education Program EEP Phase I



Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto Nigeria

The Energizing Education Programme (EEP) is a Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) effort that aims to offer sustainable and clean power to 37 Federal Universities and 7 University Teaching Hospitals across Nigeria. The project comprises the installation of an independent power plant, the upgrade of existing distribution infrastructure, street lighting to increase security on university campuses, and the creation of a world-class renewable energy teaching center for each university.

Lapomik Energy and its partner Inaccess installed and commissioned remote monitoring and SCADA integration on a hybrid solar plant with a capacity of 2MW solar, 1950KVA accumulated Gen power, and 5.4MWh of backup storage for the project at Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto State.

The installation and commissioning process included automatic generation control for balanced generation and frequency control via Inaccess EMS and monitoring of system operation, scheduling of the diesel generators and configuration management based on various measures and requirements such as runtime, hours, service intervals, and so on, energy storage management of excess renewable power, and DG optimum efficiency operation.