On-Site Data Intelligence

Our solution ensures precise defect detection and real-time performance monitoring, ensuring smooth plant operation.

Protect your assets against instability and unexpected losses






Maximize Yield

Early detection of faults or areas of underperformance
Reduce the average time to repair

Optimize Plant Performance

Detailed engineering for the whole plant lifespan (commissioning phase and normal operation)

Accelerate Plant Delivery

Identify and repair any implementation flaws or equipment problems during the plant’s startup phase.

Facilitate Maintenance and Reduce Operating Cost

Remote diagnosis
Increased technicians’ efficiency


Passwords are always used to secure all configurations. For further protection, we work with data backups.

Combine Operations

An integrated monitoring, control, reporting, and maintenance environment for a single solar plant or a portfolio of solar plants.

Improved O&M

Boosting Asset Performance, Better contractor management
Cost tracking that works.

Stakeholders Relationship Management

Maintenance subcontractors, security and insurance companies
Guarantees, penalties, billing disputes

Fuel and Diesel Management

Detailed and accurate information on fuel levels of all supervised sites

Alarming when fuel level falls under a predefined threshold

Reporting capabilities on fuel usage

Easy, Intuitive and User Friendly Web Access From Anywhere

Access from web browsers, smartphones, SMS, Email

Environmental Management

Remote monitoring and control of HVAC systems

Collection, recording and historical trends of ambient measurements (e.g. temperature, humidity, etc.)

Alarms on safety hazards (e.g. high temp, smoke or water detection)

Management Reporting

Easy, timely and accurate reporting for a single plant or a portfolio of assets